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TEL: 0431-5377909
Civil service loans


    improving the quality of life? Temporary borrowing money? In urgent need of cash? Home buyers down payment to buy a car? Home renovations? Personal training? Tourism and leisure? Changchun to pass loan company for you to provide loans for personal consumption channels, make your living arrangements, and feel more relaxed.

    as long as the utilities to work, teachers or doctors. Lowest interest credit may apply for this city. Hands-free mortgages, guarantees, loans not only easy, but also enjoy more discount

    apply for the required information (copy)

    ID: ID card (front and back)

    work: labor contracts or work of the company according to the evidence.

    proof of income: last three months bank account

    proof: with the residence address of the last month's contributions list

    supporting: social security cards and other

    our advantages:

&Nbsp;   without mortgage without collateral;

    procedure is simple, you only need to submit several applications can apply;

    loans is high, we will audit the documents you submit;

   , Approved lenders signing the contract.

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