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Police advise caution "unsecured" trap

    some criminals through SMS, telephone, Internet and other means available "unsecured" false information of fraud, inducing some much-needed cash-flow mass or small business owners is deceived. During the may day holiday, a villager Xu, shunyi district has encountered a similar case, a loss of 10,000 yuan.

    on January 1 at about 11 o'clock, some through the streets of unsecured loans ads get in touch with a man claiming to be Manager of the King, about some personal information after each other, approved a loan of 100,000 yuan. At the request of the other party, Xu pays 10,000 Yuan by agricultural Bank of China ATM machine wired to each other to account. Mobile phone number after shut down, found that he had been deceived.

   , shunyi police prompted the people, going to small private owners who need money, please go to the formal processes applications for banks and other financial institutions, not to be called "unsecured" confused by the very favourable conditions, before lending fee is a scam. Once deceived, mainly rapid report, freezing of bank account funds to public security authorities in order to protect the victim safety and reduce losses.

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