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How banks charge early repayment default fees

    for advance payment, most banks require homebuyers applying early, and provisions to apply ahead of time is not the same, some banks need a week in advance of the application period, some banks in advance of the application period of a month, and if prepayment of loans of less than one year, the Bank also needs to receive a certain amount of fees. It is understood that at present the Bank default charges are quite different, some banks need to receive the actual interest payment 1-3 months, if not years, even banks need to charge the actual amount 3% fee.

    in addition, not all mortgages are fit for loaner, such as periodic repayments of the loan, and if the medium-term, then there is no need for prepayment; select equal principal repayment, repayment periods than 1/3, no prepayment necessary; Finally, enjoying a 70 percent discount on prepayment of mortgages is not necessary.


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