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Home loans after the implementation of the new rate for saving hundreds of Yuan per month

    It is understood that from January 1, 2013, all home buyers mortgage base rate will be in accordance with the Central Bank benchmark interest rate July 6, 2012, that is more than the five-year benchmark lending rate to 6.55%, this adjustment is not less mortgage interest savings.

    We have a loan of 1 million and 20 pay, equal repayments, for example, if the mortgage loans without having to adjust the interest rate by 7.05%, 7783.03 monthly repayment but computed according to the adjusted loan rate 6.55%, monthly payments will be reduced to 7485.2, will cost nearly 300 yuan a month.

   , however, because each person has a different interest rate, loan term, loan amount and monthly savings are not the same, you can use a mortgage calculator for detailed calculations.


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