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Loans early cars makes more sense either way

    before and after new year's day, the major automobile 4S shop have launched price, tax and duty concessions rangli activities, our readers week wants to take advantage of the concession period, buying a family car of around 500,000 yuan, but the funds on hand, so want to purchase through loans, "but the Bank car loans, credit cards, car loans, auto finance companies, I do not know which is more appropriate? "

    loan Department of a State-owned bank source, the car loan is the most traditional method of bank loans to car buyers to purchase 500,000 yuan worth of cars, for example, to banks for loans up to 350,000 yuan, 60 months to pay off, the annual interest rate is 6.4%. Interest rates are low, but the loan amount, the approval process is very strict, the procedure is also more complicated.

    in addition, the public can also choose to purchase credit card instalments. No interest credit card installment purchases, but staging fees, the current bank rate with 12 common-3%-5%,24 4%-7%, equivalent to the lowest annual interest rate of only 4%. In addition, you can also select auto finance company loans to car buyers. The loans are defined by lending to car makers to launch, without going through the banks, bid on the 4S shop will be able to direct. Buyers need only to provide auto finance company ID, driver's license, proof of income, can apply without providing collateral and without guarantees, loan term of up to five years, and the approval process is simple, the fastest car the same day. The maturity of the loan, they should select a one-time settlement of elastic or elastic tail section to apply for a second mortgage for 12 months. The car loan interest rates higher, 5-year interest rate up to 8%.

    staging car appears to be less than credit card bank car loans, but in reality, their processing fee according to the number of stages to be, the greater the number, the higher the gross amount of the interest of its final, to minimize purchase costs, recommend that people choose stages up to 12. While auto finance company loans are more suitable for urgent buy cars and foreign consumers of the future income is not stable, in order to reduce the cost of buying a car, choose this type of car loan buyers discount activities in the auto finance companies make the best hand. Well-off buyers can choose repayment floating down, down payments pay for high lending rates will be reduced accordingly, late repayment pressure was low.


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