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-Business loans

-Business loans

    without mortgage without collateral:

    loans: registered in Changchun City within the SME customers, operating for more than half a year, and business is good.

    loan term: usually in December, 1 August, 24 months

    loan amount: 1--50 million

    the basic requirements:

    1, must be registered in Changchun City within the small and medium enterprises and individuals.

    2, company registration and at least half a year, can provide half cards set down in the near future.

    3, the company's main borrowers come forward to fill in the loan application form, and no serious adverse credit history of the borrower.

    loan process:

    1. contact loan officer Manager, told to prepare loan information.

    2. carry data, fill in the loan application form.

    3.1-2 days after Bank approval.

    4. sign a loan contract.

    5. bank lenders.

    required materials:

    1. borrower ID card

    2. after inspection license

    3. Office lease and utility bills now

     4. can assist of own assets (real estate, vehicles)

    5. recent bank card set down a half a year

    Note: above information see the original copies of loan early without any cost.


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