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Personal loans

Personal loans

    against Changchun meets the conditions for financing small and medium enterprises and individuals to provide a fast, relatively high amount of financing loans. Unsecured loans up to 300,000, effective solution to personal and small business bank financing and lines of financing problems.

    individual application conditions:

    1, Changchun (including surrounding suburbs) work for more than six months

    2, with corresponding repayment ability (6 months is required monthly bank statements)

    3, can provide proof of work

    4, age 22--60 Chinese citizens under the age of

    required information:

    ID: ID

    proof of income: the past six months for public or private personal banking water

&Nbsp;   certificate of house property: name property provides property or purchase contract (such as a mortgage repayment is also provided in the past three months running water), this can also be applied for

    proof: place to live any of the rent, utilities and other fees list


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