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Home loans

Home loans

    If in Changchun City or the surrounding suburban counties, all real estate or mortgage housing "arrears" or the purchase contract can be

    eligibility criteria

    1. have full civil capacity of a natural person, within 18-64 years of age, and there is no record of bad information.

    2. has a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest

    3. provide legitimate, effective mortgage bank (such as: housing, business, commercial and residential rooms)

    submitted by the borrower information

    1. the borrower and spouse valid proof of identity documents, a booklet, marital status.

    2. personal proof of income (including: proof of salary, tax certificate, proof of return on investments and other financial assets)

    3. foreclosed house ownership

    4. loan, certificate or statement

    5. Loan operation provided reflects the borrower or its operating entity for more than 3 months bank statements or water into retail sales record.


    1. prove your economic strength if you can provide more assets, such as real estate, cars, CDs, funds, proof of real or financial assets such as stocks, will further expedite your loan application efficiency and may enjoy more preferential interest rates.

    2. lending interest rates from lenders in accordance with customer's credit situation, repayment ability, the value of the mortgage, such as comprehensive.


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