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Owners of private loans

Owners of private loans

    for currently Changchun individual private loan threshold high, due to enterprise cannot provides full of financial report, audit report, inspection funding report, related information and exists financing difficult of problem, select Changchun individual private owners financing market as target market, and according to Changchun individual private funds needs: "short, frequency, fast" of features, for its tailored customized, carefully design has Changchun loan new--individual private owners loan. This product will provide specialized financial services for individual and private enterprises in Changchun, convenient, fast, professional, win-win service standard, win the heart of Changchun owners of private customers rely on.



    21-55 years of age

    in Changchun live or work (over six months)

    Commercial register of small and medium enterprises in Changchun, registered more than one year (including 1 year);

    Bank to open to the public (or private) basic account

    loan the information required (only copy):


    Business license

    the last six months of public and private banking water

    business premises lease contract, and last month's rent bills or utility bill

    personal residence leasing contracts, documents and last month's rent or utility bill

     Loan rules:

   , 12-24;

    loans of 10,000-300,000;

    in loan applicants are active, together with the completed loan approval 1-3 working days.

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